Warby Parker: Diving into the Future of Eyewear

By: Shemeika Jones

  • I have always said, “I need my glasses to find my glasses.” I know this may sound funny or confusing to some, but that’s how much I depend on my eyewear. Although eye exams can be a hassle, finding the perfect frames takes some time. I can honestly say I like how sophisticated and studious I look. 

    Who is Warby Parker?

    Two young classmates got together in 2010 and decided to create a company specializing in affordable prescription sun and eyewear. Warby Parker took an exciting approach rather than focusing on showroom sales (i.e., Eye Doctor’s Office). Like other businesses, Warby Parker focused on online distribution, primarily buying eyewear in-house and selling directly to consumers.

    Is Warby Parker Worth the Hype?

    You may be wondering if Warby Parker is worth the hype? What makes them so unique? What sets them apart is they feature real-life testaments, brand ambassadors, and repostings of related trending content. Sharing average consumers’ content allows them to have their posts used or seen by millions. Isn’t that exciting?

    What makes Warby Parker stand out is how consumers can purchase their products. Like many people, I wouldn’t say I like walking around a showroom trying to find the perfect frames and settling for a pair I don’t necessarily love. So instead, I choose to shop online. I must say I am hesitant when it comes to purchasing my eyewear online because I don’t have the option to try them on. However, Warby Parker has come up with an attractive solution to my fears.

    By creating the “Home Try-On Campaign.” allowing customers like myself free of charge the option to order up to five pairs of glasses and try them on all from the comfort of my home. It sounds like a win to me!

    B2C Social Media Presence is on the Rise

    Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

    Today, consumers expect to see a brand’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Social media is a powerful tool that drives society. It establishes relationships between consumers and brands. If a brand can inspire consumers to interact and participate with their post, they can successfully bring awareness to their brands across many social media platforms.

    Using both traditional and nontraditional advertisements plays a crucial role in the promotional mix. Consumers want to know what products and services are up-to-date—establishing an online presence gardener’s trust with consumers allowing them to find out new information and give feedback. Warby Parker has done a great job creating visual ads on YouTube and Instagram to promote its brand. Instagram story allows them to tease their consumers without spilling all the beans. These little teases generate buzz and help spread the word of new releases.

    Social media has since changed the way companies communicate with their customers. Allowing them to creativity to customize their ads in new and innovative ways. Consumers and their interests drive the value of social media and other mediums.